House Painting

darlenecaldwell house painting

The easiest way for you to get your house painted is to hire a professional painter to do it for you but that can be expensive and so some people opt to do the job themselves. There is of course nothing wrong with painting your house yourself, unless of course you are not experienced at house painting. Due to many home owners that opt to pint their houses themselves, not being experienced in house painting, they make a lot of mistakes, some of which can be expensive and all of which can be time consuming. It is therefore no surprise that a professional house painter like Chris Hoole Painters of Brisbane will paint your house in a shorter time than you could do it yourself. As professional painters will complete the painting of your house quicker than you could, it will mean that you are inconvenienced for less time. Although professional house painters will cost you more than painting your house yourself should, in reality that depends on how many of the common mistakes you make.
One of the most common mistakes that a home owner makes is in the choosing of the colour of paint they will use. A professional painter will often paint a sample of a wall to show the true colour of the paint and then only after you agree that that is the colour you want, will they continue to paint the rest of the house. What people that paint their own house all too often do though, is buy the paint after seeing it on a cardboard chart in the shop. Although in a perfect world, going by the chart should be good enough, in the real world all too often the paint does not look the colour on a wall as it does on the chart and so owners have to either buy extra paint to replace what they have already bought or, live with a house that is a different colour that they would have liked.
Another common mistake that home owners make when they paint their own house is that, through their impatience, they allow the paint to blister and so therefore not only have to re-apply that layer of paint but often layers beneath it. Although paint can blister if the sun is extra hot, making the paint dry too quickly, the most common reason why paint blisters is because one layer of paint is not allowed to dry properly before a next layer is added. With the experience a professional house painter has, they know exactly when it is safe to apply the next layer of paint without causing problems and yet, still get the house painted in a good time.
One other mistake that DIY painters experience is that they do not secure their pet somewhere away from where the painting is taking place and this therefore results in paint paw marks all over the house which will of course, need to be cleaned up before the job is finished.

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